T-Shirt Picture Tutorial

by Storme Designs

tshirtbeighebasmystdolphinwelctr2.gif (24632 bytes)

This was not my original idea.  I saw a graphic and made this tutorial to show members

of a graphics group how to make the graphic from scratch if wanted or just

can apply any graphic to a t-shirt graphic and apply a drop shadow or any effect

you desire.  This tutorial was created using PSP 7.


Feel free to share this tutorial, but you must keep the  Storme Designs

link with it.  If you have questions,  just send E-Mail.


Creating the T-Shirt - Part 1

If you just want instruction on placing a graphic on a shirt, skip to Part 2.


The size of your t-shirt is up to you.  I always like to work on a large surface.

Open up a new graphic 550 by 550 or larger, transparent, 72,000 resolution and

16.7 million colors.

Next, I always work on layers.  If you make a mistake can just delete the layer,

as you go.  Go to Layers, new raster layer, and accept what opens in the window.

click okay.  You can name your layers as you go for easier identification. 

You would name this layer, Body.

tshirtmystylayer.jpg (11978 bytes)

Click on your preshape tool.  Set your style to nil, as shown below.  Choose

the color you would like your shirt to be for your background color. Select

your rounded rectangle preset shape set to about 6 width and antialias checked.

Make a large rectangle, which will be the body of your t-shirt.

tshirtmystyrndrectshape.jpg (13016 bytes)

Next, click on your Selections tool and set it to ellipse. Draw an ellipse in the center

of your t-shirt on the top.  It can go over the top also, as you can see in the

2nd image below. This is to make the neck opening and give depth to the shirt -

creating the back.

For the depth go to Effects, 3D Effects, Cut-out and use these settings.

tshirtmystcutout.jpg (16517 bytes)

vertical and horizontal at 2, opacity at 65 and blur set to 15

and click okay.  To remove the extra top part click on your selections tool set to

rectangle and line it up to the beginning of your shirt and above. 

tshirtmystyselectrect.jpg (11220 bytes)

Then click on Edit, cut or the scissors on your toolbar.

This will remove the extra part over the top.

tshirtmystcut.jpg (7948 bytes)

Now go to Selections and click on select none.

tshirtmystslectnone.jpg (14516 bytes)

Now we have our opening.  We can leave it like that or if you like make a tubed

collar look. Click on a new layer.  You can name this layer collar.   Change your textures

in the palette to nil this time and have your foreground set to your t-shirt

color.  Click on the pre-shapes tool again and set it to ellipse with

tshirtshapeswtch.jpg (11311 bytes)

antialias checked and width about 11.  Now draw the ellipse around the previous

neck ellipse, as show below.  If it doesn't line up exactly, it's on it's own

layer and you can move it to align it after you bevel it.   Go to Effects,  3D Effects,

Inner Bevel and use the settings below.

tshirtmystbevelcol.jpg (17642 bytes)

the right round shape, width 5, smoothness 73, depth 2, ambience 31, shininess 58,

color-white, angle 315, intensity 50 and elevation 20.  You can always play with

and choose your own look. 

If you want a back collar, copy this one and paste as a new image. 

Now if you need to line it up use your mover

tool.  The square one highlighted in the graphic below and move

tshirtmystyshapecollar.jpg (9308 bytes)

your collar to line up below the depth shadow after deselecting it.

Now as above click on your selection tool set to rectangle.   Make

a rectangle covering the part that went above your t-shirt top, and

go to edit and cut.

tshirtmystycollarring.jpg (7698 bytes)

I am far from an artist, so you can follow my trials or play on your own, lol.

For the back collar, Go to the image you copied and using the selection tool

set to rectangle, select the bottom section and copy it.   Then paste as a new

layer on your t-shirt and using your mover tool line it up to your liking.

You can use the smudge tool, white hand,  if you want a more even look and smudge

the top and bottom collar together.

Click on a new layer.  There are two ways you can add sleeves.  The first time

I used my paintbrush tool.  Set to about size 5, rest set to 100, with the round shape and just drew

an outline.  Using the magic wand select the inside of the sleeve and go to selections,

modify, expand to 2 and click okay.  Click on the flood-fill tool and fill it with your

t-shirt color. 

The second time I tried using the preshape tool set to rectangle, and

drew a rectangle with my t-shirt color. Styles would be set to nil and the

background color would be set to your t-shirt color. Next I went to image, rotate

and clicked on left direction and the free box set to 15.   Then I moved it to where

it fit well with the t-shirt.  Go to edit, copy.  Then paste the sleeve as a new

layer.  Then go to Image, Mirror and move the sleeve to where it lines up

well on the other side of your t-shirt.

tshirtmystbasewh.jpg (6660 bytes)

Now, again, you can leave your shirt as that or give it a worn look.

Using your eraser tool, which you can set as below or to your own settings.

Erase the bottom giving some curve to your shirt.

tshirtmystyerase.jpg (12624 bytes)

The finished waviness is below.  You can add a label by making a small square below your

back collar and adding your name or stitches.


Placing A Graphic on a Shirt - Part 2

To add a graphic.  Select any graphic you like.

Copy the graphic and paste it as a new layer.  The below one was a picture

and I smudged the edges to fade it into the t-shirt.

tshirtmystbasewheraseolivpicwh.gif (34227 bytes)

You can leave the graphic as is, use a drop shadow, bevel, emboss etc.

The one below was made using the preshape tool for the sleeves.

tshirtbeighebasmybevmttr2.gif (44085 bytes)

tshirtmystbasewherasebluepmwh.jpg (12657 bytes)


This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.

tshirt (10642 bytes)

tshirt (11557 bytes)


If you use any of our graphics, please provide a link back to


Storme Designs (6622 bytes)


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