Easy Screen Capture Tutorial

By Storme Designs


Screen Capturing is making a picture of anything that appears on your screen.

I cropped it to make it smaller, but you can see the online picture and web page

and more were all captured, and pasted as a new image.

screenmy.jpg (32506 bytes)

I use my Print Screen Button and Paint Shop Pro for Screen Capturing.

I'm sure there are other ways, but this is simple and easy.

On your Keyboard you will see a key that says Print Screen.

It's usually on the right side above the Insert, home, delete and arrow keys.

Mine is next to the scroll lock key.  Underneath the words Print Screen is

a line then the letters SysRq.  Select what you wish to capture from your

screen and press your Print Screen key.  Now go into your Paint Shop

Pro Program, which most computers have a basic version of, or any similar

Program.  Click on Edit in you toolbar, then Paste as a New Image.


Your Captured image should now appear on your work space. screenpaste.jpg (20944 bytes)

You can save it to a disk, cd or your hard drive.


email (3189 bytes)




Storme Designs (3232 bytes)



This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.


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