Color Basics

Part I

How to Select Colors in Programs


In most Programs you can find the color choices where your fonts are.

They are usually under Format in your tool bar.   You would click on

Format, then Font.  A window will open up like the one below.

colorfont.jpg (19564 bytes)

You will see the word, Color at the bottom of the window.   The

black square is where the color will be displayed.  In this Incidence it's

set to default and black.  Most will always be set to the default.

You will see the same as above usually in Microsoft's Front Page, Word

Programs and more.

Now, all you have to do is click on that tiny arrow next to the word,

default for the window with the colors to open.

colorfontmulti.jpg (18584 bytes)

Then you can choose the color of your choice for your Text on a web page

or a letter etc. Just click on the color and it will appear where the default is

like the red below.

colorfontred.jpg (6162 bytes)


In Microsoft Front Page you can also click on Format, then Background.

A window will open, which looks like below.

colorfontmicrob.jpg (20577 bytes)

You then just click on the tiny arrow next to the text box to choose

your text color.  The same for your background and link colors.

If you want to add a background, you would click the background image

box, then click on browse and browse to where you saved your background


mail (3784 bytes)


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How to select colors in Paint Shop Pro




Storme Designs (4095 bytes)



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