Color Basics Tutorial

By Storme Designs

Part II


How to select colors in Paint Shop Pro

colorpalet.jpg (3764 bytes)

In Paint Shop Pro and similar Programs you will have a color palette,

like the one above. To choose your color you would click on the

dropper tool in your tool bar, as shown below.

colordropper.jpg (3878 bytes)

Now, your pointer or tool is your dropper.  Click on any color in the pallette and

that color will appear in the box above the palette, as in the graphic below. 

If you click with the left side of your mouse the foreground color will be

selected.  If you click with the right side of your mouse, the background

color will be selected.     

 colorbox.jpg (1912 bytes)

Now, if you want to customize your color more, click on one of the squares and a

window will open.

colorcustom.jpg (18103 bytes)

You then click on in the square or you can change your color by clicking on the

circle around the square.  You can change it through the numbers at the

bottom of the box also.


You can choose colors for your web pages this way also. When

you find the color of your choice, look at the bottom box in the above

window, where it says HTML Code.  The number that appears in

that box is your chosen color and you would put that number into

your web page HTML.

colornumber.jpg (9131 bytes)

If you like a color you've seen anywhere, you can bring the picture

into paintshop.  Click the dropper on the color, and then click

on the box, where the color is above your palette.  The window opens,

and you copy that number onto your web page.

There are many color charts around the web, if you do not wish to select

them with a Program.

Not every color will show in all browsers and or may look different. 

A link for basic colors that will show in all browsers is at RSH web services.


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How to Select Colors in Programs




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This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.


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Colors were last changed on January 18, 2004.

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