Launching Animation Shop

Paint Shop Pro Animation Shop Basics

by Storme Designs


      I'm going to try and give beginners some very basic Animation Shop Information.         

  With this tutorial I'll just show you how to launch the

Animation Program in Paint Shop and then how to launch the

Animation Wizard for basic graphic animating.

The PSP version I am using currently and screen captured for this

tutorial was Paint Shop 7.  In different versions of Paint Shop

there could be differences, but usually similar enough to follow in all


First Go to File in your paint shop and scroll down until you see Jasc Products. 

By now if you are familiar with computers and Paint Shop you know that the little

arrows next to a name or program indicate more listings.  So click on Jasc Software

Products and other options open. Click on Launch Animation Shop, as

shown below.

Animation Shop will open as a separate Program.  It looks very similar

to your Paint Shop Program, once opened.  Below is a screen shot of the

 left side top of it.

You will notice the first icon on the toolbar is like a moving wand. 

This is the Animation shop's Wizard.  Click that on to run the wizard.

 I've circled it below for you. 

By now you've probably also realized that when you run your

 cursor over items on your toolbar - text will appear telling you what

the tool is.  You could also go to File and scroll down the Animation

Wizard and click it on or just click your shift key and A key

together, while in Animation shop.

Above is the window that will open once you click on your

Animation Wizard. 

For most animations with the Wizard, you can accept the

defaults and click next, then add your graphics, and finish.

In the next basic tutorial I will walk you through a simple

animation using the wizard.


This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.



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