Pictorial Room Divider Tutorial

by Storme Designs

screenmystnwrideagold2dolphtr.gif (113098 bytes)

Above is the screen you will be making.  This is not my original idea.

Saw a chinese screen and made one at a site.  Saw another graphic made

with a scene, but don't know who created it.  So, decided to create them

by placing a whole scene in a screen from a large picture.   Each slat

of the divider or screen has part of the whole scene.

Another sample is at the end of this page.


This was created with PSP 7 ~ download a trial version.

First you want to make the basic slats for the screen.    Open a new

graphic. The size is up to you to choose depending on how big you

would like your screen.  I always like to work on a large surface.  My

new image was 600 by 600. 

roomdivnew.jpg (13982 bytes)

Open your shapes tool and set it to rectangle.  Check Antialias only.

roomdivshaper.jpg (13752 bytes)

Select a color for your slat.  If you wish to place it in blade pro for a gold

edge, as I did on my screens, or use the effects sculpture you should

choose a light color.  Draw a rectangle to the size you prefer your

screen to be.   Now click on your magic wand, then click in the middle of

your rectangle to select it. 

roomdivselectn.jpg (5743 bytes)

Now click on Image then Crop to Selection

roomdivcrops.jpg (19136 bytes)

You are going to add a border.  If you used white or a light color

make sure you change it slightly for the next step - adding a border.

Now click on Image then Add Borders

roomdivborder.jpg (12547 bytes)

Next, you will add a border of about 7 or what you prefer.

roomdivbordersiz.jpg (11984 bytes)

  Select  your border with your magic wand or go to select all, then

select float.  Now you can use PSP's inner bevel, Sculpture effect

or any Plug in or filter to make the border you prefer.  I used a

Blade Pro gold preset.  Once the slat with the border is to your

liking save it as a psp tube. 

roomdivsavep.jpg (30174 bytes)

Once you draw your slat, you will see a line around it

and about 8 small squares around it and in the middle, as below.


Now, we are going to paste the slat as a new layer on a new graphic. 

I made my new graphic 600 by 600 again.  Click on the deformation

tool circled at the bottom of the graphic below.

rromdivdeftool.jpg (7158 bytes)

A thin line is now around your graphic and small squares.

Hold down your control key, Ctrl on your keyboard, and place your

mouse over the top right corner small square.  When you are over it

the shape of the deformation tool will change from the square with the

arrow.  Looks sort of like two arrows crossing and a box on top. Now,

left click on your mouse on the corner square, while holding the control

key and move your mouse down a little.  Both the top and bottom of

the right side of the slat with move inward. You can slant a little or more

as you like.

roomdivslant.jpg (4843 bytes)

Now you have a basic

slanted slat and can copy and paste it for four slats for your screen

or as many or few slats as you desire.  Go to Image, then Mirror

for two of the slats.  Then place the mirrored ones next to a

graphic you did not mirror.

roomdivmirror.jpg (5313 bytes)

roomdiv4.jpg (4018 bytes)

the 4 slats copied and mirrored.


Remember to save your work often just in case you computer

freezes or you have to leave your work etc.   

I put each slat on a new layer, while working in case I needed to

change or redo anything. 


For the picture I clicked on each slat individually with my magic wand

to select the slat or you can go to select all, then float.   You will

then need to click on modify, then expand and expand your image

by 1 or 2 pixels. 

roomdivmodexp.jpg (28052 bytes)

If you do not want to use a picture, you can just flood

fill your slats and apply tubes.


Now open a picture you want to put in your screen.  What you are

going to do is divide it in to four parts.  It doesn't have to be perfectly

done, but look at it and determine if you can fit it adequately into your

divider.  Click on your selection tool set to rectangle and using your 

judgment make a one quarter on the left side of your picture selection.

roomdivselctn.jpg (21719 bytes)

Copy and paste that into your selected slat. 

wpeCB.jpg (18396 bytes)

You select the next quarter of your picture and copy and

paste it into the next slat, then the next two quarters of your picture

into the next two slats.  You can overlap some of the picture

depending on what picture you are using.

You can apply a bevel or shadow, if you like.  For the screen below

I applied a drop shadow at 0 horizontal, blur and vertical settings with full



Making the connecting joints is up to you also,  I just created

a small rectangle with my shapes tool and then used blade pro

for the small gold joints in my screens.  Then put the joint layers

under the screen layers. 

You're done!  You can apply tubes, if you like, as you can see on mine.


My other screen.

screen (78608 bytes)


If you use any of our graphics, please provide a link back to



The house in the picture was created from a tutorial at
Queen Anne Victorian House Tutorial , Thank you.


The dolphin on the screen at the top of the page was

from at tutorial at Cathy's Corner.

Check our main Tutorial page for new Tutorial listings at

 Storme Millennium Tutorials.


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