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                           The Framed Butterfly

                               dingaquautterflyenter.jpg (4116 bytes)

                                    I made a few different backgrounds with this.  The set is on two pages.

                           The other page has a three-tier background, Butterfly Sky.

                                   Some of the backgrounds have textured, but the main button goes with

                                          the plain background.  If you need anything special, you can order

                                         it through Storme Designs. A larger square button can go on any of the

                                backgrounds and ones can be created for the textures.

                                 dinggiftsbutterflybutton.jpg (5378 bytes)

                          As always, remember to right click and save the graphic to

                               your own computer, disk or cd.  If you need help, please ask.

                                dingmusicflybutton.jpg (5348 bytes)

                                 dingclubutterflybutton.jpg (5270 bytes)

                               dinggavorerflybutton.jpg (5613 bytes)

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                                   dingpoetybutton.jpg (5436 bytes)

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photo's (2140 bytes)

                            If you use any of our graphics, please let us know.  We would

                              enjoy visiting your site and will provide a link back.

                             Please put a subject line in your mail regarding the graphics,

                        we delete unknown mail, sorry.

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                   Font used was .Freefrm721 Blk BT.

         webring (4499 bytes)

                               The below table has the butterfly border without the frame around it.

                              Just right click to save, it may not show the butterfly online.




                       The table below has this border, but with a textured background,

again the border may not show online.




                        The background in the table below just has two lines after

                               the butterfly creating a border, again it may not show online.




Any of these designs can be other colors.




                      If you use any of our graphics, please provide a link back to

                                http://mystyqcat.50megs.com/main.html   , Thank You

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This page was last edited July 5, 2004.


Butterflies are framed through 50 Megs.