The Haven's Porch

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For your convenience I have placed a name next to our adoptions.


The graphics on these page are all my creations and a link must

be provided back to either this page


You can use a certificate with the link or just the html.

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They can be resized and names can be added to the character or

the Adoption Certificates.

adbuttfymystpinkadr2.gif (8821 bytes) Layla

Patchadpatchrogbogtr.gif (7145 bytes)

admousemgrayystinvolvtr.gif (6223 bytes)Trusk

catcountrymystfinitrsnl.gif (9197 bytes)Calico

Lufferlybutterflymytsbluecutwhbynamtrsm.gif (12684 bytes)

duck (10753 bytes)Barry

Toppy adtopptfrogtrsm.gif (4964 bytes)

glowormmystbluetrsml.gif (10920 bytes) Ferdinand


If you have any questions, or would like a name placed on any,

just use the email link below and ask. Please place the word Adoption in the

subject line, because we delete unknow mail. 

mail(5705 bytes)

If you use any of these

we would appreciate your letting us know.  Also we will be

listing links of the Adoptee's and their pages.


Back to The Haven, page one - a couple of animated ones are there,

or on to The Condo, page three.


These are originals by Storme Designs.  If you would

like something created exclusively for you, please visit our

business site at Storme Designs.


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This page was edited on May 19, 2003.


Adoptions found a home through 50 megs.