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The Shaped Flower

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This set has one button, bar, background and a few signs.

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The buttons are made only to go with this background. The bordered

signs will go with any set.

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Remember to always right click

and save them to your own computer.

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This set was created by me and a link is required back to

our site.  Any set can be created for you using a shape or flower.

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Please let us know, if you use any of our graphics, we would like

to visit and see them. Also, we will be posting a page listing your

sites.  Please place graphics or something similar in the subject

of your mail, we delete unknown mail.

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Please visit Storme Designs, if you would like to purchase a set

like this or any graphics.

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A link back to our site is required, if you use

this set or any of our original graphics.


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This page was re-shaped on April 17, 2004.