The Kitchen Desk

Below are recipe cards you can copy and print out.

I read that an easy way to print them out is to insert about

three or four of them in Microsoft word or a similar program,

then print.

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There are a few cards creating a longer loading time.  This page is graphically heavy.

The rest are at the Recipe Pantry to save loading time.

They are  different sizes for your preference.

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Remember to always right click and save the graphic to your

own computer or disk.

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Left some with less graphics and one plain if you prefer.  Would also

make a good second page, if can't fit on the back.

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recipe card(21849 bytes)

Another page of cards is at The Pantry.

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If you use any of our graphics, we'd appreciate a link back.


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If you would like a unique card exclusively for your use, please visit our

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Cards were re-filed on March 14, 2004.


Cards can be viewed through 50 Megs.